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Work SMARTER, not harder with a Licensed Teacher!  Develop a deep understanding of music quickly by mastering the fundamentals of music.  There’s 1,000 things you could learn, but it’s the important stuff that matters.  Take 6 lessons from me instead of 6 years on your own!

Master an instrument in as little as 6 months! 6 lessons could do it for focused adults who practice the lessons.  Mastery does take time though.  Practice the 6 lessons inside and out and you will see how easy it really is to play beautiful music.

Lessons are just $20/ hour; BUT buy 5 lessons for $100 and get the 6th lesson FREE! All materials are provided, and I even have loaner instruments (100% refundable deposit).  In as little as 6 weeks (6 lessons), you will have a strong understanding of the important parts of music.  You will be able to look up a favorite song and play it with ease.

Over 30 years experience playing guitar, piano, drums, vocals, and stage setup. Over 300 students taught in my School of Rock program that ran through the City of Jacksonville and my church.

Over 15 years as a licensed teacher with professional experience teaching kindergarten through college.  As a Special Education Teacher and Physical Education Teacher, I’ve learned the importance of mastering the basics, and this works for music as well. My methods focus on mastering the basics or fundamentals of music, through popular songs like Sweet Home Alabama and Brown Eyed Girl, Unchained Melody, Great Balls of Fire, Jingle Bells…

As a former Athletic Trainer and Phys Ed teacher, I also throw in many specialized training techniques for learning new skills. Get on the fast track! If you stick with my program and practice the lessons, you will master the instrument in as little as 6 months. Not only that, but you will have a great understanding of music in general. Just think, in a little over 1 month, you’ll be you will be able to open up a songbook and play your favorites with EASE. All materials are included with lessons. Music Lessons start at $20 and hour or 6 lessons for $100. With a lot of practice, 6 lessons could do it. Don’t put it off – I guarantee FAST results for motivated individuals! After-school, evenings, weekends, summer, and holidays only (I’m a full time teacher).

Contact Form: Sorry, but I am not taking any more lessons currently. Unless you’re related, lol! Check back again later if you like.

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