Correspondence Lessons

Not Local?  No problem!

We can set those 6 lessons up as correspondence classes.  Skype, Email, Face Time, lots of downloads, everything you need.  I’ll make sure you get to the goal before those 6 lessons are up.  That’s 6 lessons from me, or 6 years by yourself!  Give it a try, I guarantee results.  Don’t spend another $20 on a do it yourself book – there is NO substitute for a real teacher.  That is unless the teacher is awful.

Let’s set something up today!  You’ll be Jammin’ very soon.  Actually, you’ll be playing Sweet Home Alabama in a matter of one hour!  By the time our 6 lessons are up you will be able to pick up a music book/songbook/computer tab and play any song that you like.

6 Lessons/Correspondence lessons:

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Sorry, but I am not taking any new students at this time. Please check back later if you like.

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