Blues Theory

People love to make things harder than they need to be.  Maybe they like the challenge.  In the olden days, Blues players were given very little instruction and quickly went from practicing to performing.  They learned the important basics and became masters of music.  Nowadays, we practice, practice, practice and never play – because we never master the important stuff.  We want to get right to the fun stuff, or the next cool thing.

But we’re here to play!  We’ll master all the important stuff through repetition and building one step upon another.  We won’t get sidetracked by all the ‘Fluff’.  For example, there are probably 1,000 skills you could learn to play on the guitar or piano, just as there are 1,000 techniques and styles to decorate your house.  We’ll focus on all the important stuff, then add some fluff.  In other words, build your house first, then see if you have money (or time) left over for decorations.

“Work smarter, not harder.”  My SMART method of teaching is designed for you to master an instrument in LESS than a year.  Make that 6 months if you’re really determined.  In as little as 2 months you’ll playing many songs and starting to understand the BIG picture of music.  To do this, you MUST focus on the lessons and learn each one (and master each one eventually).  Some may not be terribly important, but will be used as a stepping stone for another skill.  Each lesson is designed to target a specific skill or some important music theory.  Plus, many lessons/skills build on previous learned skills or knowledge.

With that said, let’s get down to business.  What makes a song?  What are the basic and most important elements of Music Theory?  This is what you will learn:

The notes of a scale

The chords of a scale

The most important Chords of a Key/Scale

The KEY of the song (A, G, Bb,….)

Rhythm and Melody

Verse and Chorus

Song Progressions – we’ll memorize songs quickly by the chord progression

Major vs. Minor – Major = happy; Minor = sad, dark…

How to Jam/Improvise

Playing solo – what to do now that you can play!

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